The Law Offices of Jay S. Kenoff

Jay S. Kenoff is a L.A. based boutique law practice concentrating on the entertainment industry with an emphasis on Transactional Entertainment Law.

Expert legal assistance for motion pictures, television, music, merchandising, licensing and new media

We address client concerns with the insight of experience, propose pragmatic solutions to business problems and seek creative legal responses to issues that arise in today’s highly complex and rapidly-evolving business environment.

Jay S. Kenoff’s clients range from substantial businesses to individual talent and small companies in virtually all areas of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television, music, merchandising, licensing and new media. Clients have included domestic and international independent motion picture and television producers and production, post-production and distribution companies, directors, screenwriters and authors, actors, cinematographers, agents, managers, artists, composers and musicians, as well as others who provide services and creative talents in the field of entertainment.

Jay S. Kenoff’s client representation includes literary property acquisition, trademark and copyright protection, employment agreements, production, financing and distribution agreements and licensing agreements, and negotiations with and on behalf of talent.

Jay S. Kenoff has provided services to banks, and has also represented other parties in transactions with banks, especially in connection with entertainment industry financing transactions. The Law Offices of Jay S. Kenoff  has extensive experience in preparing and negotiating financing and security documents for entertainment industry loan transactions, such as those required in connection with motion picture production.

Jay S. Kenoff has worked at the highest levels of motion picture and television production and distribution companies, written a treatise on film production, financing and distribution for a major publisher, prepared numerous articles in the areas of motion pictures, television, intellectual property rights and music, independently produced feature-length motion pictures and television programs, and lectured on a broad spectrum of entertainment industry topics.

In addition, Jay S. Kenoff undertakes the resolution of disputes through litigation, arbitration and mediation, all with frequent client consultation and the objective of an economic conclusion of the matter.

Jay S. Kenoff also represents a broad-base of general business clients, including manufacturers, distributors, and providers of services as well as companies and individuals involved with the entertainment industry.